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Fuess Award Winners
Named in honor of Phillips Academy’s 10th headmaster, Claude Moore Fuess, the Fuess Award, which acknowledges distinguished contribution to public service, is Andover’s highest honor. (Archived site)


Fact Sheets 1976/77-2022/23
These annual fact sheets include basic demographic information about students and faculty as well as information about cost of tuition and financial assistance, campus resources, and outreach programs.

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Principals and Heads of Phillips Academy

1778-1786      Eliphalet Pearson
1786-1793      Ebenezer Pemberton
1794-1809      Mark Newman
1810-1833      John Adams
1833-1837      Osgood Johnson
1837-1871      Samuel H. Taylor
1871-1873      Frederic W. Tilton
1873-1901      Cecil F. P. Bancroft
1903-1933      Alfred E. Stearns
1933-1948      Claude M. Fuess
1948-1971      John M. Kemper
1972-1981      Theodore R. Sizer
1981-1994      Donald W. McNemar
1994-2012      Barbara Landis Chase
2012-2019       John G. Palfrey
2020-               Raynard Kington

Principals of Abbot Academy

1829-1831    Charles Goddard
1832-1834    Reverend Samuel Lamson
1835-1838    Reverend Samuel Gilman Brown
1838-1839    Reverend Lorenzo L. Langstroth
1839-1842    Reverend Timothy D.P. Stone
1842-1852    Reverend Asa Farwell
1854-1856    Nancy Judson Hasseltine
1856-1857    Maria Jane Bancroft Brown
1857-1859    Emma L. Taylor
1859-1892    Philena McKeen
1892-1898    Laura Sophia Watson
1898-1911    Emily Adams Means
1912-1935    Bertha Bailey
1936-1955    Marguerite Capen Hearsey
1955-1966    Mary Hinckley Crane
1968-1973    Donald Gordon



The Phillips Academy seal was designed and engraved by Paul Revere in 1782. The central feature, a beehive with a flowering plant and bees flitting between the two, has been attributed to Judge Phillips, to symbolize a group of industrious scholars.  The unclouded sun above may represent the light of learning. The motto “Non Sibi” is translated as “Not for Self,” and this call to serve others continues as the school’s motto today. The phrase “finis Origine Pendet” translates as “The End Depends upon the Beginning.”


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