Access Policy

General Guidelines

The Archives and Special Collections is open to researchers by appointment Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Please contact an archivist to make an appointment.

We welcome users to the Archives and request that a few policies be followed. All materials are non-circulating and should be used in the Archives. Researchers are required to show a picture ID card to use the resources of the Archives. Researchers are responsible for safeguarding material made available to them in the reading room. Pencils and loose paper must be used when taking notes, and researchers should not lean on, write on, fold, trace, or handle the books or manuscripts in any way likely to damage them. Researchers must also place backpacks, briefcases, purses, and notebooks aside while working in the reading room.

Archival Records

Phillips Academy’s archival records–other than widely distributed records, such as open meeting minutes, Academy publications, and publicity photographs–will normally remain closed for 25 years from the date of their creation. Access to record series spanning several years will be granted 25 years from the most recent date in the series.

The following are exceptions to the above policy and are closed for a longer time period:

1. Phillips Academy Board of Trustees records are closed for 50 years.
2. Student records are closed for 75 years.
3. Faculty and staff personnel records are closed for 75 years.

During the period of restriction, records will be available only to current staff of the Head of School’s Office, the office of origin, and the Academy Archives and Special Collections Department. Consideration will be given for access by others when a written request is presented to the Archivist and written approval has been obtained from the appropriate individual in the office of origin or the appropriate individual now responsible for the function performed by the defunct office of origin.

Records will be made available in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library and federal and state regulations governing access to student and other records.

Special Collections

Access to manuscript collections varies according to the donor’s wishes.

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