Samuel Phillips 5th to father Samuel Phillips the 4th, December 4, 1767

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Samuel Phillips Esq at Andover

Ever honored parents

It is now Evening and my Eye Sights pretty poor, my [illegible] goggling and my Brain discomforted therefore. It is probable my Epistle will be chiefly confusion, but as I have a diverting Piece of Information, I cannot forbear to insert it. Last Sabbath Morning in common time. Col: Brattle came up to College & went into the Kitchen among the Negroes, & there took his seat. His habit which may be better conceived than described, I will give a short Description of. He had on a very remarkable cape such as I never saw before, and I do not think there is such another, an Old Busby, dirty, greasy, [illegible], half thick Coat bound on with an old belt, a pair of miserable [illegible] shipshod he invited Mr. Willard, Master [illegible], Mr. Morrell, Mr. Hall, [illegible], Saltonstall, Governor’s Son, and me to dine with him, we all waited upon him and were entertained with the following delicacies, (viz.) 1st An Indian pudding 2nd An uncommon soup consisting of Cabbage, turnips, carrots, biscakes, meat &c &c &c &c 3rd some cold meat 4. tongue meats. 5. Hog’s [illegible], and a roast’d goose. 7. 2 Roast’d Ducks, 8 a chicken pye; we were tended by 3 Negroes, defended by 8 swords with many otherIinstruments of war, thus he ~
We have had no disturbances of late. Our [illegible] is well liked, I was much pleased with Mr. Elliot’s conduct in particular, last Saturday when I went to carry up my English, he stopped me, and ask’d me how I employ’d my leisure Time, told me I said my Recitations very well. he approved of the Account I gave him. He ask’d have I spent holy time inquir’d particularly, inquired whether I ever read Doddridge’s sermons. Told me where I had done what I was about (viz. Shirloe on death) to come to him and he would lend me
Should be glad of two dollars by my Chum if he will be faithfull. Mr. Rufus gives his duty to you and says he hopes to make some remittance by Col. Powel. Please to remember me to all enquiring friends

I still am
Your very dutifull son
Samuel Phillips

P.S May is exceeding dear
40/ and 42/6 the very [illegible] at Boston
Cambridge Dec 4 1767

I have ben strong persuad’d to keep Thanksgiving at Mr. Calls, ben invited out in town to Judge Foxcroft’s and Mr. [illegible] but a Preengagement at Boston will prevent my waiting on them.


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Samuel Phillips 5th to father Samuel Phillips the 4th.









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